About Us

We are Lorri Kreuscher and Brian Koenig and we will be sharing some of our favorite products.


Many of you know me, Lorri, from my 40 year Shaklee career, which will always be a top priority.  A few years ago Shaklee discontinued some of our favorite products and we, along with many of you, have been frantically searching for replacements.  This was a real challenge -- it has been extremely time consuming and difficult to find non-toxic, chemical-free products that really WORK!

Our search led us to many "fun" and "intriguing" items.  Imagine an organic toothpaste with a "natural” whitening effect! ... how can this be?  And a fabulous mascara and eye liner that smell like fruit ... really? Anti-Aging, wonderful smelling lipstick! To find a Healthy Jerky took some doing as well. There are lots of Jerky being sold, but few had all the features I was searching for: tender, taste great, free of the chemicals and low sodium. It’s been an eye-opening and fun experience!

Our mission to find the most perfect and exciting products to share has taken nearly 2 years, but we are FINALLY READY!  I'm sure there will be more "discoveries" along the way ... so check back often.


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Shaklee website: www.naturalhealthleader.com