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Mascara, Eye Liner, Eye Brow Enhancer, Eye Shadows (both powder and creme options).... Wow that's a lot of product in one small but VERY IMPORTANT area!  How does the saying go ...."The eyes are the window to the soul."? It is true that the eyes are a major focus of the face and to use beautiful products that are "healthy" is a bonus.  And wait until you smell the mascara ... a real "fruit" smell!  I have been testing, testing, testing to find products that I love and feel you will as well. Lorri

My first product to test was the Mascara and I was super impressed!  You can apply light or heavy depending on the look you want.  All 3 colors are very rich in color, with only a hint of blue and brown.  Don't expect to have bright blue eyelashes!  The mascara brush is a generous, graduated brush that allows for greater volume and longer lashes.

When it comes to eyebrows the Gel/Pastes are a real favorite ... for more insight click on the product below and then the testimonial tab.  You never have to go back to "pencils".  The following should give you a good idea on what color is best for you.  NOTE:  Taupe has been replaced with the Blonde gel paste.

For those with gray hair take a look at these ladies ... they have not gone with gray eyebrows. The lady with the short hair has used a color similar to our Brunette or the Blonde Gel/Paste. And the lady with the longer hair has used a color similar to the Soft Brown. Note: if you want to change the consistency of this product, just add a drop of the Shaklee Youth Hydrating Serum or apply with a slightly wet brush.

Notice that they both use "color" in their lipstick, blush etc. As we age we do not want to fade away and blend into the background ... rather embrace all the beautiful colors and learn how to apply them for a gorgeous, vibrant look.

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Maracuja Mascara: BLACK TEA
Maracuja Mascara: BLACKBERRY
Maracuja Mascara: DARK CHOCOLATE
Eyebrow BRUSH

Eyebrow BRUSH



Eyebrow Paste: BLONDE
Eyebrow  Paste: BRUNETTE
Eyebrow Paste: SOFT BROWN
Eyebrow Paste: MEDIUM BROWN
Liquid Eye Liner: BLACK TEA
Liquid Eye Liner: BLACKBERRY
Liquid Eye Liner: DARK CHOCOLATE
Eye Liner Pencil: NIGHT
Eye Liner Pencil: DEEP SEA
Pencil Sharpener: DUAL CHAMBER
Powder Eye Shadow: QUARTZ
Powder Eye Shadow: SUGARED
Powder Eye Shadow: FIG
Powder Eye Shadow: TEDDY
Powder Eye Shadow: BRONZE GOLD
Powder Eye Shadow: GILDED
Powder Eye Shadow: CINNABAN
Powder Eye Shadow: PETAL TIP
Powder Eye Shadow: GOLD EXPRESSO
Creme Eye Shadow: COFFEE
Creme Eye Shadow : BLISS
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