BLUSH .... long lasting, beautiful colors, healthy blush.

You will love these beautiful blushes ....the powder blushes are colored with antioxidant and vitamin rich fruit pigments instead of minerals or synthetic dyes. The creme blushes are also free of  parabens, fillers, animal by-products, synthetic preservatives or toxins ... 100% natural and made in the USA.  My experience has been that most of the so-called "healthy - organic" cosmetics on the market are lacking when it comes to performance! It was wonderful to discover products that really "work" and are healthy.

I have a cool undertone to my skin, therefore I use Peppermint Candy, Plum, Naked and Chiffon.  However, being the creative sort that I am, I found that I can get some lovely colors by mixing Chiffon and Mimosa or Peppermint Candy and Naked etc.

More choices .... the Creme Blusher Sticks are quick and convenient and are very easy to blend in... Apply with a brush instead of directly from the tube for a smooth look. I use the powder at times and the creme blush other times.  Or when I get creative I will use a touch of both!

TIP: The key to any blush is to go light, followed by a finishing powder or the Luminizer for a seamless, natural, soft look. With this process you'll never look like a clown! 


The following chart will give you a better idea of the powder colors  .... The "Pretty Naked" Blush Powder is deceiving as it looks brown but when it's applied it goes on light in color and has a muted peach/pink tone to it. I personally use "Pretty Naked" a lot.

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Fruit Pigmented Blush: PLUM
Fruit Pigmented Blush: HEALTHY
Fruit Pigmented Blush:  MIMOSA
Fruit Pigmented Blush: CHIFFON
Fruit Pigmented Blush:  PRETTY NAKED
Blush Stick:  GRAPEFRUIT
Fruit Pigmented: LUMINIZER
Blush Stick:  ADRENALINE
Blush Stick: AWAKEN
Blush Stick: DESTINY
Blush Stick: ROSEATE
Blush Stick: BLOSSOM
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