Pencil Sharpener: Aluminum

Just keeping things sharp!



Cosmetic Pencil Sharpener that will not disappoint!

Get right to the point.

What it is: the soulmate to any pencil, this pencil sharpener is an aluminum sharpener that is an absolutely essential tool to ensure a professional and precise application.

Why it works:

  • Aluminum sharpener is the perfect fit for all  pencils, ensuring a perfectly pointed tip.
  • Look sharp with precise and efficient application.


Great sharpener!
This is the best sharpener that I’ve had. The sharpener works very smoothly and isn’t rough on the pencils. With other sharpeners sometimes the wood base has rough edges after sharpening the pencil but not with this sharpener. Never thought I would notice a difference in something so simple. Kathryn V

Works great
Works great and doesn’t eat up your entire liner in the process. LeAnn

Very sharp
This is a very convenient tool. It is very sharp. My other sharpeners didn’t work as well as this one. I’m glad I’ve finally purchased this one. G.P

Neat little sharpener
Keeps things neat and tidy and wow, is it sharp. I barely realized I was sharpening my lip liner and almost took too much off! I wish I had had this sooner for just colored pencils and the like. Totally worth the price. Valena